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Brand Story

   AQUAPLUS founded in light of international Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Products, had this Logotypes design is based on "product" property issued to the deep blue of the block on behalf of "water" elements, streamlined shape makes the whole Logotypes more sense of technology and modern, but also makes the brand identification of the clear and easy to understand. The Logotypes with the Chinese company name, for the company with the English brand name, AQUA Chinese word for "water", PLUS Chinese word for "the best, top," together for the best, top of the water.


    More common in Japan developed the world's most suitable for human drinking water of life - π WATER , with Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Taiwan, four countries, technology integration, water technology and energy technology will be combined into a super-water-energy π system.


    π -WATER is in the process of plant physiological studies found, in the course of the study in 1964 found that the most important influence flower bud is itself contained in the plant life on the water, organisms in the water, regardless of in its physical or biological activity are different from well water or tap water.


Pin-liang International Technology Co., Ltd., since its founding uphold hope everyone "π water used every day, everywhere peace of mind", byAQUAPLUS the brand to tell the world that we are providing top of the water

Days : create things

To : birth of life

Source : Water is the source of life


The three elements of life: sun, air and water. Gave birth to all things, from "Heaven and Earth", the source of all things is water, and total body water and by 70% , of life "source." So did Logotypes design is based on "Heaven and Earth source" sent to the property. However, in the design elements added to the sun, it stands for "sun, energy, far infrared," mountains on behalf of "Nature, mineralization," dark blue of the block on behalf of "water" elements, combined with the nurture of the three good water. The three elements join "Heaven and Earth source" them, but also makes brand-name recognition of, clear and easy to understand. Therefore, the world is the source of flowing water on behalf of the health of nature, is the closest to the source of life, and " AQUAPLUS "echoes the original intent of the brand.


World source π -water , using Japan's prestigious area of energy source longevity village ore, natural permanent magnet on the planet with other rare elements to fluctuations induce divalent trivalent iron (Fe2 , 3) produce high-energy, instant activation water quality and human resonance resonance of good quality water

Slim : slim, body sculpting

Water : water


    Have a saying: "A woman's skin is made ??of water." Representative of the skin on the body of water is important. Had this Logotypes designed to " Slim "and" water "into one of both intent on behalf of ordinary tap water to thin, clean, energy of the mean. Refers to daily life with the water purification, activation of the concept. The design shape of the entire flow line Logotypes more modern technology and a sense of beauty, but also makes the brand identification of the clear and easy to understand.


    On the other hand, "the vitality of the human has a close relationship with the water." The key lies in the epidermis of the youth to keep the skin moist, and the epidermal stratum corneum, when given sufficient water, you can have a moisture Suji United States.Lack of moisture, the skin becomes dry, resulting in skin aging and cause other kinds of trouble. Can enhance this advantage is π water, can not use ordinary water to utilize π water, can make the body cell activation, stay moist Suji United States.