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 water pollution crisis (00:00-01:16)
 life on the water (01:17-04:18)
 AQUAOLUS / water machine series (04:19-07:52)
 SLIM WATER Water Series(07:53-0 8 : 59)
 π comparison of drinking water and other (09:00 - end)




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  AQUAPLUS founded in light of international Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Products, the original design of this Logotypes on a "product" property issued to the deep blue of the block on behalf of "water" elements, streamlined shape makes the whole more technological sense Logotypes and modern, but also makes the brand identification of the clear and easy to understand. Logotypes with the Chinese company name, for the company with the English brand name, AQUA Chinese word for "water", PLUS Chinese word for "the best, top," together for the best, top of the water . .. 
   More common in Japan developed the world's

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