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Agent cooperation model - please contact Beijing headquarters

A business opportunity, a lifetime career. Join in, and common development

Whether in the world, mainland China or Taiwan, with AQUAPLUS as your business partner, you realize their business dreams of the moment, just around the corner!


(A) Agent conditions:

1. a desire success enthusiasm, courage and pioneering spirit. 
 has a certain amount of money, with certain undertakings. 
 has a good business reputation, to ensure that legitimate business. 
 visionary brand awareness, I can agree with the concept of corporate culture and management, brand management to accept. 
 have a certain commercial quality, able to accept the system based training.

 Interested parties can first consult our investment department, please call :010 -84,913,153


We warmly welcome you to my company to site visits .
Address: Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, No. 44


(B) Agent process:


A: franchisee to my company to inspect:

Objective of our products, company strength, my initial understanding of the company's products, prospects for a preliminary understanding of the market.


II: franchisee to do market research aimed at understanding the water purifier market situation, understand the market other brands of water purification equipment and the difference between our products and make an objective comparison. Become more familiar with our products in the industry's competitive edge.

III: self-positioning franchisee 
company during this period will the company's investment policy in writing to the franchisee. Franchisee can choose according to their strength and their own way to join to join level.

Four: signing a contract to join 
franchisees choose their own way to join later, I joined the company signed a contract with the franchisee.Process is as follows: shipping company to arrange payment in place → → → franchisee franchisees to confirm receipt complete product display.

V: product training and assessment 
under the franchisee's actual situation and require the company to the system of franchisee training, training content includes: detailed product knowledge, sales skills, compared with other products, detailed knowledge of the water. After training, assessment, detection franchisee training mastery of knowledge, and targeted for future training.

VI: AC mutual 
franchisee to carry out the actual situation according to the local business beginning will certainly encounter many problems at this stage my company tracking the timely exchange of the two sides to solve the problem.

Seven: the company to help develop the market 
tracking company can arrange for someone to help franchisees develop new markets, and some suggestions to the agent-based solution. According to the local franchisee of the actual circumstances in a specific implementation. Company name track program for diagnosis.


Eight: Regularly visit 
the company would be joining regular return visits and diagnosis, both parties to discuss market operations


 (C) cooperation model ( agency policy ) :

     Regional agency cooperation (provincial, city) : The main source of water is the agent world brand in the local market development and operations.

        (1) agents at the regional level

        (2) region two agents

        (3) regional dealer / franchisee

        (4) cross-industry alliance channel

        (5) special channels: for example, franchising industry, engineering, direct selling


 (D) joined support: training support systems, water purification industry expertise, training, skills training, water purifier sales, water purifier sales service training, retail customer management system training


[Beijing Office]

Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, No. 44,   010-84913153