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Agent cooperation model - please contact headquarters in Taiwan

A business opportunity, a lifetime career. Join in, and common development

Whether in the world, mainland China or Taiwan, with AQUAPLUS as your business partner, you realize their business dreams of the moment, just around the corner!


(A) mode of cooperation:

(1) Individual Dealer

(2) regional distributors / franchisees / store water

(3) cross-industry alliance channels: for example vitality restaurants, health food industry, kitchen bath industry, chain tea, real estate developers

(4) OEM / OD M : for example the direct selling industry, international traders


(B) conditions for cooperation and support:

1. at least 20 years of age, for  a high degree of interest in water purification equipment, a dedicated spirit of service and who has the same philosophy .

(2) to recognize the company's brand and franchise business philosophy.

3 required before joining receive a complete education and training.

4 , after joining the company strategy to be with, to cooperate fully with the provisions of the headquarters and mentor.


Willingness on the water industry, please contact our Sales Department


Pin-liang International Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Taiwan headquarters ( factory ) Address: 70968 Annan District, Tainan, Taiwan Gongming Road 65 No.

Tel: +886-6-2563887 FAX : +886-6-2563867

E-mail : sales@aquaplus.com.tw

Global Website: www.nucleonqz.com