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You need to know

Health drink
pure, sterile, non-polluting, more with the human body needs water-soluble minerals 

to prevent a variety of pollutants, raw bacteria, impurities, bacteria cysts, planktonic bacteria, asbestos, E. coli, trihalomethanes, chlorine, odor, heavy metals, pesticides, organic toxins .... enter the body from the water! Let your peace of mind and healthy drink.

Eat healthy
cleaning vegetables, fresh fish and precipitation with heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful factors can be washed 

using water power washing vegetables, fruits, fish, other foods, may be residue of a variety of health killer cleaned. So that fresh food is more health, so you eat more healthy.

In vivo environmental
rid of accumulation of toxins, purify the body organs, to restore normal function to improve the acidic 

structure of subtle energy of water molecules, infiltration, dissolution, emulsification power, the shuttle in the body organs and tissues, the accumulation of toxins and aging cells, coated strip eliminated from the body, make cells more active, the body is more relaxed, so that life should be the operational functions of functional recovery.

Physical energy of
activation of cells, enhance immunity, enhance vitality, health and longevity 

of water molecules with the energy the body needs water-soluble mineral elements that rare element, both divalent trivalent iron salts lipid complex memory and transfer of physical phenomena, the performance of activation of the extraordinary intelligence of the organism, the body's cells from the basement into a high-energy quasi-state bit active state, to promote healthy metabolism, enhance the immune system, but the water has a far-infrared light can be bred, inhibition also occurred, to prevent corruption promote the growth effect, so that function can be changed throughout the life course, a new, dynamic emergence, delay aging, health and longevity.